David & Felisse (owners of a beautiful home in Armonk, New York)

 "We were concerned about building a home, as we had no previous real estate experience and were both very busy with our careers. Anthony did a great job! The house came out exactly as we had hoped and after 15 years, we have had no problems. If we ever build another home, we would certainly work with Anthony and Phoenix Construction again."

Jim Montalto (owner of two homes built in Armonk, New York by Phoenix Construction)

 "Anthony built two beautiful homes for me. The process was very collaborative and everything was managed beautifully." 

Maureen Tkacz, Owner, Wild Birds Unlimited

 “Anthony and his team did a phenomenal job. It’s such a classy look (referring to 532 North Bedford Road in Bedford, New York).” 

John Dinin, Former Supervisor of Bedford, New York

“It looks nice. I think Anthony has done a very good job with the building (referring to 532 North Bedford Road in Bedford, New York).”  

Jacquie Inerfeld, Realtor @ Houlihan/Lawrence in Armonnk, largest real estate company in Westchester

“Anthony finishes a home beautifully. He knows the extras that people want. Architecturally, these homes are magnificent and because of their quality, I have never had a problem selling his houses. He is also a great guy to work with.” 

John & Janet (owners of a 3,500 square foot colonial on three acres in Bedford, New York)

"We had been warned by many people that building a house can be a very trying experience – we heard one nightmare story after another. We feel compelled to dispel those myths. From the start, it was a pleasure working with Anthony and his extremely professional team. We especially appreciated the flexibility he showed throughout the project, and the prompt attention that he has given us since.”  

Jill & Steven (owners of a 4,000 square foot post-modern home on three acres in Armonk, New York)

 "The final product – the looks and quality of our home – is exactly what we envisioned and dreamed of. We were concerned that building a house would be an overwhelming task, but our experience was exactly the opposite. It was fun and thrilling to watch and participate in the construction of our new home.”