High Quality Modular Homes Construction

For years Phoenix has worked with modular home manufacturers, building high-quality homes. Modular homes are built with attention to craftsmanship and fine details. These homes are built with top quality building products while upholding the highest standards in construction.  Modular home construction can be built 52 weeks a year allowing efficient construction in a weathered protected environment, with on-time delivery and cost control.  Clients can customize their homes or choose from a variety of styles to meet every taste and budget.

Watch as Phoenix Construction builds a beautiful new quality built home in 15 days working with Westchester Modular Homes

HGTV Filming in Long Beach, New York


HGTV Filming Anthony Guillaro, Founderof Phoenix Construction, in Long Beach, NY

 We are pleased to share our latest press coverage with you: HGTV was filming Thursday and Friday at one of our jobsites. HGTV reached out to us to cover a story regarding victims of Super Storm Sandy.  All of our clients are great and have such heartfelt stories, but one couple just had the most endearing tale to tell.  Those clients are the Salgado’s. We immediately thought the Salgado’s would be a perfect fit because of their difficult start in life as a married couple; we wanted to give this young couple a second chance! 


Salgado Jobsite in Long Beach, NY

 The Salgado’s are a young couple in their early 30’s who had just married, bought a house and were excited to start their lives together.  Then unexpectedly not even a year after living in their new home, and having just finished renovating the house, nature took a turn for the worse and they lost their home to Super Storm Sandy.  Their former house, which is a quaint 2-bedroom style Ranch (the typical Long Beach style house) had over 3 feet of water in it.  As the storm hit, they bravely stayed in their small attic and watched the storm engulf their home.

The Salgado’s are extraordinary people and have a lighthearted outlook on life.  They truly embody that Long Beach, NY way of life of community, sun and leisure time.  Nico Salgado is a Spanish teacher at a local school, and Allison is a special needs art teacher.  Both of them like to spend their spare time surfing, and volunteering for the community.


Caitlin Dorn of Phoenix Construction being interviewed by HGTV at Phoenix’s model, 37 E. Market Street, Long Beach, NY. Caitlin admires the Salgado’s and finds them a very warmhearted couple.

 After Sandy took their home the Salgado’s were fortunate to have family nearby that was not affected by the storm and were able to stay with them while they were waiting to receive money from various rebuilding grant programs, including NY Rising, and their insurance.  Like most Sandy victims, the process takes longer waiting for funds to be released by NY Rising, but they are grateful to receive these funds. We have been working with them on their new home for about 6 months and and they will be getting their new house by the summer! 


Phoenix Construction Crew being filmed by HGTV in Long Beach, NY.

 The HGTV show will be about building with modular homes, the title is still in the works and will be airing about six to eight months from now.  Each episode will focus on a different couple and their choice to build with modular based on certain circumstances.  The pilot episode will feature Phoenix Construction and the Salgado couple as it follows their journey and ours to build back their home and lives after Super Storm Sandy occurred.